Near Damascus Over 600 Militants Surrender to Syrian Arab Army

the real Syrian Free Press

Over 600 militants of opposition parties have surrendered to Syrian troops in the last 72 hours, the Suriya al-En news agency reports today.

The majority of the rebels lay down their arms near Damascus and Homs, the agency quotes the data of a source in the armed forces command of the SAR.


Syrian military note that the successful tactics of blocking the supply lines of the enemy on the southern outskirts of the capital has led to the desired result. In addition, helicopters are constantly dropping leaflets urging deserters to take advantage of the President’s Amnesty.

safe_image (1)

Currently, army units began operations on the outskirts of Ilda and Babilla – the last two settlements in the southern direction, which remain in the hands of the rebels. According to the military, the militants are likely to lay down their arms without resistance. On Thursday, artillery actively bombarded the southern outskirts and strikes…

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