The Wahhabis Prepare For A Jihad In France


The Wahhabis flood France

Voice of Russia

The Wahhabis flood France

France has trained about 400 Wahhabi militants who went to fight for the Syrian opposition. Some of them have been captured at European borders. This information was announced by the Minister of Internal Affairs of France, Valls, in early summer of this year. This and other information can be read in the book of a well-known French journalist Jean-Michel Vernoshe, a specialist on the Middle East. Wahhabis are approaching major European cities, but the government continues to pretend that nothing is happening.

Honorary President of the Belgian Senate, Anne-Marie Lizin, tells about a direct connection of Syrian conflict to European martial course of Islam and the ways to fight this phenomenon:

“We, whether in France or in Belgium, continue to see the recruiting of young and middle-aged people for the operations in the name of jihad. Moreover, a distinctive feature…

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